ToneDice - A Sense Of Grey (Moddi Cover)

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Through my friend Sycho Gast from turkey I discovered the norvegian singer-songwriter Moddi about 4 years ago. Great music! On another cold winter day, with a even colder feeling of getting sick again I decided to try my first version of one of his songs "A Sense Of Grey". I recorded guitar, violin, fretless-bass, tin-whistle & vocals. Enjoy.

You could wonder if you have already seen this here on steemit, yes you could have, because I have already posted some of my cover videos some time ago, where i also introduced you to this song. But now I'm trying to fill my decentralized music archive here on dsound, so here is my audio-only-version.

► Listen on DSound ► Listen from source (IPFS) If you like to check out some more music made by Moddi you can do that through this youtube playlist Here is a picture impression of the basement studio back in the days @ KingSizeBeatz Headquarters in Aachen(Germany), where I recorded most of my covers. In the front my lovely violin ;) Find my previous posts here : -ToneDice - Shadowlands (Kula Shaker Cover) -ToneDice - Darijupkus | Deep Techno -ToneDice - Morning After | Deep Techno -ToneDice - Feuchtbunkeranlage | MASCHINE Live Set - Dubtechno -HipHop Music Introductions | Sycho Gast & Ayaz - Bekliyorum -HipHop Music Introductions | Sycho Gast, Oxxist & Enes Ishak - Still Change -HipHop Artist Introductions | Ayaz - Sonu Hep Aynı -HipHop Beats Introductions | Sycho Gast - KingSizeBeatz -Digital Basic Income is coming to our wallets soon -ToneDice Covers Presentation - #7 : Adele - Hiding My Heart -ToneDice Covers Presentation - #5 : Moddi - Run to the Water feat. BelliWelli Feel free to give some feedback. I hope you enjoyed this post. So kindly follow me @webresultat , upvote, comment on and resteem my posts if you enjoyed them. Don't forget to vote for up to 30 witnesses to maintain this greatest social platform STEEMIT! You can also support me in my work contributing any donation to my Crypto-Wallets ;-) Bitcoin : 14QT1izu5xUaXE3af7zhKnLC9T1mj5J1xf Litecoin : LeFxmxTRcUSyNK815EodHPS4yuwJHbCBV4 Dodgecoin : DKnvcfyjEzhQuhGY9za4gZ83jq9SFEewMz Dash : XqynumShqT7PzdamxuX4vRGdqAq8Ti3KTN And don't forget to follow me ;)