Tofino BC Canada - Beach and Bomber Crash

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Tofino BC, Canada

This summer I had a chance to visit Tofino in BC Canada. It is a small community located on the west coast of Vancouver Island. The vibe is laid back and chill, populated with a younger crowd that loves to surf. Things definitely move slower over there when compared to the city and I invited that change in wholeheartedly.

Photo of the Waves Wear a wetsuit

Even when the weather is a hot summer day that ocean water can get pretty cold. If you plan to surf wear a wetsuit. The coast picks up a lot of wind which creates great waves but also makes you a bit chilly.

Bomber Plane

In 1945 a Canadian Bomber plane crashed into the forest near Tofino. All 12 of the flight crew onboard survived the crash but the plane did not. It has been sitting for over 72 years at the crash site and many visitors visit to see what remains. The hike is not easy. It's about an hour and a half into the forest, and there is no set path. It is a boggy marsh that is very difficult to traverse. Bring an old pair of boots, extra socks and plenty of bug repellant.

Once you get to the crash site it's easy to see why so many travellers brave the hiking conditions. I was able to take some beautiful shots of the plane.

If you are interested in learning more about the bomber trail you can read it on the Tofino BC website:

Getting to Tofino

If you are on Vancouver Island I recommend the trip to Tofino. It is a bit out of the way but it's worth the trip. If you are in Vancouver city it's a bit longer of a treck. It can take between five to six hours as you will need to take a ferry.

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