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Time is the most Valuable Currency we have

So, you may have noticed that I haven't posted in some time now. Well, it's mostly because of exams, and other things I have to do at the end of the semester. To be honest, most of those things are utterly useless formalities that everyone has to follow in order to pass. And these aren't easy or quick things. Most of those assignments take a lot of time. And then, you submit them to professors who value form over function, and grade people based on their behavior, and not their understanding of the subject.

But regardless, the one thing that truly hurts when I think about it is the sheer amount of time that I have to waste in these things. And Time is I believe, the most important, the most valuable thing we have.

You can never Earn Time. You can only Spend it

Globally, the average life expectancy is approx. 71.5 years. Google says that that's about 626,340 hours. The moment you come out of your mother's womb, that account balance starts dropping literally every hour until it hits zero, and that's when you die.The actual, meaningful amount that you get after you remove the time needed for sleep, food etc. is even lower. The disposable amount of time we have is much less than what most of us think it is.

Of course, you might say, that you use X method to save time, or Y lifestyle to increase your life expectancy. But that is only saving time that you were already going to spend. You aren't ever going to earn more time.

And that, is what makes Time the most valuable currency out there

Most people never really think about time in this way. Indeed, most people don't think about time a lot. That is why, a lot of people go through life, and then wonder where all their time went.

Time actually inflates away it's value too!!

Now, since I called Time a currency, I thought I would carry that analogy further. Something that I only recently have started experiencing and have read about, is this weird thing where the ol...

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