This HDD almost Killed Me

steemit.com5y ago

Some time ago this HDD start to make some strange sounds, it was like he was preparing to die. I search on google for what is that and they all say to be prepared and copy all the important things you have on the drive to another because it will start to fail after some time and he will die, I copy some important files that were needed at that moment and after some time my HDD disappear from Windows. I was glad I manage to copy my important things from it. Yesterday I received a phone call I need to send something from that HDD. When heard that I was OOOO NOOO! I put my HDD in PC and after 10 attempts he finally starts, it was not dead yet. The things I must copy from there was huge something around 255 GB. It was failing all the time and I didn't manage to copy. I was: What I do now, I need that, I was thinking to go to an HDD Recovery Service but there you must pay huge money but I must try to fix this . I put my HDD on the power supply fan because my HDD had 69 C Temperature and the work. I was dancing in my house because I manage to copy that even I lost more than 8 hours trying to make the HDD work. I tell you this because you don't need to be like me, I was having luck but if you have important things on your HDD always make a backup, doing so you avoid those things. I learn now so from now I will backup because some things can't be recovered even if you go to an HDD Recovery Service and the price will be hudge. Now I can clean my PC because it is full of dust with a vacuum cleaner:) What can I say now is I am happy and a big thank you to the HDD for letting me copy my things.