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There is at Least Three Different Sets of Steemit Trading Cards Going On - Check this Post Then Scroll To the Comments

I'm thrilled to announce the first in a series of 2017 Steemit Trading Cards featuring some of Steemit's greatest contributors.

Contest to Submit a Graphic Format For The Steemit Trading Cards!

Here below I've offered up a quick sample of what I have in mind but I'd like one of you to turn my idea into a snazzy  looking collectible of 2017 Steemit all-stars!

Contest Rules And Prizes Contest closes on Tuesday  Sept 26 at midnight EST Please use the text that I've provided then use the image and text to create an eye popping card! You must use the tag steemitcard in order to be eligable. Please leave a copy of your creation in the comments but feel free to create your own post with your creation! First place prize: 20 Steem Second Place Prize 10 Steem Third Place Prize 5 Steem A Prize That Keeps on Giving as it Turns Into a Steemgig!

The member selected as having the winning format will then have the opportunity of being paid 20 Steem for each future card that we produce. I will supply the text and the photo and all you need to do is re-use your winning format!

How many cards will we produce? Who knows? Let's see how it goes but at least 5-10 of the top Steemers will be featured with their own trading card!

Here's The Full text so You Can Copy And Paste! @papa-pepper, Steemit’s Home Grown Super Star!    @papa-pepper leap frogged onto the scene 15 months ago and has become one of Steemit's top authors by worming his way into everyone's hearts!    His followers have multiplied like the rabbits that he breeds while this wild-man homesteader has gardened and encouraged others on his way to Steemit Stardom! This father, husband, humourist and deep thinker has outworked just about every other blogger and is famous for coining the expression "Don’t waste your time online, invest it with"        STATS AS OF SEPTEMBER 2017    Reputation: Ranked No.5 on Steemit with a mind boggling 76.3!    ...
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