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The Old City Palace and the Surroundings In Split, Croatia

Exploring the mysteries of the world and then posting it on Steemit! It’s more fun than I thought! Finally a community which appreciates good content! Split, the city on the Adriatic Coast. Second biggest town in Croatia.

When you think about it, it is strange that these two cities are in the same country. Very different vibe. When you are down South you really understand how the climate is different, palms all over the place, streets paved in stone, merciless gaze of the Sun. Unfamiliar sights. Yet, refreshing!

I decided to take a beer break and go see the oldest part. Remnants of the Roman palace made by the Emperor Dioklecijan in BC something. It’s old, needless to say. Tourists swarm the place and it was fun pretending that I’m an American. My ‘Zagreb’ T-shirt gave me away sometimes though.

They charge you to pass through several checkpoints to see some parts but if you are quick you can just pass through and they won’t assemble a search party.

I tried to capture photos in interesting angles. Tell me if you have any suggestions. I am a complete amateur. I really look up to @timsaid. That guy knows how to travel, and I’ve heard he is super cute if any girls are reading this.

The palace, supposedly the best preserved Roman palace ever. The main passage inside has a wide variety of trinkets you can buy. Very popular are coral jewelry. Impressive architecture and design in streets outside as well. I really liked the faded pattern of the cobblestone. Greenery surprises you out of nowhere. Nice contrast! This one is my favorite. Church spire through what seems to have been a dome once. Almost resembles a pool. In the next chapter I'll talk about the ancient Egyptian treasure stolen and brought to Split. Also a giant overlooks the city. Who could it be? Stay tuned and thanks for visiting.

Camera: Cell phone - Moto G4 Plus 16MP

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