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The life of the twin sister roxbely

Hello Steemit Friends This post is dedicated to one of my twins the biggest ROXBELY. Here I will talk to you from the perspective of a baby ...

Hello World, my name is Roxbely, I have a twin sister but I am the eldest, I was born on Wednesday March 15, 2017, at 9:49 am, weigh 2.360 kgs and measured 44 cm ... since I was in the tummy of my mother I have been quiet. But then they pulled me out of that warm and safe place they exposed me to this weird world, where there are many people I had never seen!

People who come to me to rise and pamper me, but .... I don't know who they are! My mummy says that they are my grandparents, uncles and cousins ... but I do not know them, I just want and know my mommy.

She consented us a lot from the tummy ... I remember that we were drooling, giving us masajitos, singing to my sister and me, and telling us everything we did during the day ... Sometimes when he got tired he lay down and slept a nap and I slept with her, but as my little Sister Sara was so restless began to move and woke her, my mother sometimes could not sleep, because my sister was moving a lot, I was kicking every time.

I like to sleep and rest and I like to hear your voice ... His voice so sweet and melodious that I sing songs full of love, that calm me when I feel alone or when I feel insecure .... Only she knows how to do it. My mommy!, Oh! ... that pretty my mommy.

I just despair when I'm hungry or when I want to be near her. Is that my mommy is everything for me and I think that I too ... she tells me that she loves me and I during in her arms and I love ... i love her smell.

Since birth was the smallest, but my mommy gives us a very rich meal from her breast and I love to be eating every time ... also feel his warmth and heartbeat makes me feel very comfortable and safe, so now I think I am the largest ...

She is my sister Sara ... I think when we are great I will have to control it,...

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