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The Community Engagement Challenge - Day 8 Diary

Here they come! Little by little our participants have gone through this strenuous exercise called the Community Engagement Challenge and they're finishing like ninja warriors!


You four have blazed a trail of quality posts, excellent community outreach and engagement and finished ahead of time within the strict guidelines of this challenge.

10 days to finish a minimum of 7 posts and 500 quality comments. THE ALMOST THERES! @enazwahsdarb Has over 500 comments and only needs one more post to be listed in the winner's circle! Way to go, Zane! @steemfluencer | @sgnsteems | @positivesteem | @pathforger | @mathworksheets | @luzcypher | @kiwideb | @jaymorebeet | @fungusmonk | @dreemit | @denmarkguy | @cryptologyx | @creatr | @arrliinn

These 14 challengers have written a minimum of 7 quality posts within the guidelines of this challenge but they need help to finish with at least 500 comments! If you see them around, please engage. The more they respond the closer they are to being guaranteed an equal share of the prize pool and their chance of being selected as the keeper of 5,000 SP for one week.

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The Daily Diary consists of quality-checked, curated posts which must have at least one cited photo/illustration and 300 words or more. Our participants range from brand new minnows to Steemit veterans.

Participants' posts in no particular order:

Since Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life, What Will You Do Differently Today? All Answers In The Comment Section Will Be Up-Voted.

Bebe - The Abandoned Puppy

The Harmonic Series #14: Pyramids - A Northern Meadow [a soundtrack for expansive solitude]

Happy Steemit Birthday to me!

A Special Introduction - My Son has Joined Steemit to earn for his future!

Is it a SIN to Lie to the Government?

Mute Hysteria

Crisis or just a cry?

6 Reasons why yo...

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