The Community Engagement Challenge - Day 7 Diary

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It's like watching winners cross the finish line of a long, arduous race. We have officially finished Day 7 of the Community Engagement Challenge and I'm pleased to announce some early winners!


All three of you have completed a minimum of 7 quality posts and 500 comments within the strict guidelines of this challenge.

Congratulations are in order for the following six participants! @jaymorebeet | @steemfluencer | @[email protected] | @mathworksheets | @pathforger

They have managed to stay consistent with the minimum of 7 quality posts within the guidelines of this challenge but they are in a race to finish at least 500 comments! If you see them around, please engage them in some light banter or heavy conversation. The more they respond the closer they are to being guaranteed an equal share of the prize pool and their chance of being selected as the keeper of 5,000 SP for one week.

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The Daily Diary consists of quality-checked, curated posts which must have at least one cited photo/illustration and 300 words or more. Our participants range from brand new minnows to Steemit veterans.

Participants' posts in no particular order:

Heaven Is A Place On Earth - Riding Waves Like Pirates Of The Caribbean In Puerto Aventuras Mexico

"The JV Canals" - A True Tale of Invention

Kleiner Mann Volunteered His Time To Help Me With The #bwphotocontest!

Nice and safe on the sidelines - Parasailing in Puerto Vallarta

Challenged @ merej99 day 7 What would life be without the hands of my people (Original Work)

The WindRoamer Tricycle (Re-Visited) ~ Unfortunately, It Did Not Work As To Plan ~ Original Photography and Short Discussion ~

Learning Spanish 101 with @sgnsteems - Lesson 2

Sarah's Strange Dream


Contests, Contests, Contests! - Celebrating My 4th Week on Steemit!

The Allies of Old; Book Two Renewal: Chapter Twenty-Three "Frustration and Hope"

Running a Race Without a Finish Line

SUPERNOVA EXPLOSION – End of a High Mass Star

Feed Surfing...Adventures of a Steem Bum

Shoe Shots No. 16 ~ Looking Darn Good In The Cowgirl/Country Fair Crowd ~ Original Photography and A Short Discussion ~

Volcanic Eruption - Bastille Day Celebrations in Reunion Island!!! Peak Of Furnace wakes up for the 3rd time this year!!!

Path Forger Rundown 003

How to Make Elder Flower Pancakes

Self Satisfaction and Gratification. Thank You, Steemit!

Surfing Around Steemit; Considering Articles, Photos and Videos

Book review, with a musical bonus – Alex Bledsoe’s Tufa novels.

Have You Seen Democracy Handbook with Bassem Youssef? - Political Satire At It's Best

Highlights of a Redneck Graduation Party

Homesteading is important to me because....

Our prize pool is up to 360 SBD!

The prize pool started off at 150 SBD from my own account! With the generous donations we have more than doubled the pot and still taking donations. 100% will be equally distributed among our successful contestants.


You have a duty as a new Steemian to learn about witnesses and their important role within the community. Read @pfunk's Complete User's Guide to Steem Witnesses. You have 30 votes. Use them wisely.