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The Community Engagement Challenge - Day 5 Diary

It’s the end of Day 5 and I’m convinced that our Community Engagement Challenge participants are superheroes in disguise image source What's the total count so far? At the time of this post we still have - - - 43 - - - who are in it to win it- - - 11 amazing donors - - -and 103 qualifying posts! (+30) image source A BIG SHOUT-OUT TO OUR DONORS Each have donated 10 SBD or more to be used toward the prize pot!Our total SBD for distribution is currently 310 SBD and growing

There are 177 upvotes and 734 COMMENTS! Our computers groaned as all of those beautiful comments loaded. I was spending at least an hour scrolling down hunting new links. Enough was enough! So I posted THE BEAST JR. just for some much needed housecleaning.

Community Engagement Challenge endsTuesday, July 18, 2017 Do you want to track our progress?

Click the spreadsheet where you can see who is participating. People with a pink line are in danger of being disqualified! I am not publicly naming them because this is not about shaming anyone. This challenge is about personal goals, consistency, best practices, and community building. Please be respectful. Life happens, and that's good too.


to be equally distributed among all participants who successfully finish the challenge.

I will continue to accept donations to sweeten the prize pot until July 18th. image source GRAND PRIZE

All successful participants will have their name entered into the randomizer. The first name on the list will be delegated 5,000 STEEM POWER for the week that I'm attending my son's bootcamp graduation (July 23-30). This is roughly half of my account strength!

So let's get Community Strong! image source

If you are looking for active and engaged people, consider following some of these guys! They are interactive, fun, present, and real gems. I couldn't ask for a better group to work with...

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