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The Community Engagement Challenge - Day 3 Diary

It’s the end of Day 3 and we’re still going strong in the Community Engagement Challenge! In fact, we've grown a little more with new people joining! What's the total count so far?

At the time of this post we have 40 Steemians (+3) who have signed up for the challenge; 6 donors (+1) and 73 qualifying posts! (+33)

image source A BIG SHOUT-OUT TO OUR DONORS Each have donated 10 SBD or more to be used toward the prize pot!Our total SBD for distribution is currently 230 SBD and growing y muchas gracias, mi amigo! @jlufer donated 30 SBD The Challenge ends on Tuesday, July 18, 2017 The deadline for new participants to enter is July 11, at midnight EST That means there is still time to join! just not a lot of time

I've got a color coded spreadsheet to keep track of who's ahead of the game and who needs some extra encouragement and reminders. If anyone enters a post that doesn't meet the minimum requirements, they are coached on how to get it up to par. It's up to them to fix their post in order to be included in the Daily Diary. Participants are given every opportunity to succeed!

PRIZES NOW 230 SBD is up for grabs!

This will be equally distributed among all participants who successfully finish the challenge. If only one person meets all the requirements, they will be awarded the entire thing! If no one finishes this challenge I keep the awards, return the donations, and will try again at a future date.

I will continue to accept donations to sweeten the prize pot. image source GRAND PRIZE

The names of all successful participants will be put into the randomizer. The first name on the list will be delegated 5,000 STEEM POWER for the week that I'm attending my son's bootcamp graduation (July 23-30). This is roughly half of my account strength!

So let's get Community Strong! image source

If you are looking for active and engaged people, cons...

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