The Community Engagement Challenge - Day 1 Diary

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The amount of support and participationin the Community Engagement Challenge has been... Amazing Fantastic Surprising Overwhelming and I am having the time of my life! image source What's the count?

At the time of this post we have 34 Steemians who have signed up for the challenge; 3 donors, and 23 qualifying posts.

There are 142 upvotes and 268 comments! A BIG SHOUT-OUT TO OUR DONORS Each have donated 10 SBD to be used toward the prize pot!Our total SBD for distribution is currently 180 SBD and growing Answers to some frequent questions

The original post has very clear guidelines for the Community Engagement Challenge but there are a few things that need to be clarified.

Q: Do we need to respond to SPAM comments?

A: No. You don't have to engage with them or leave thoughtful comments. In fact, you will not be penalized if you respond directly to them in kind. In fact, it goes toward your post/comment count. It's up to you how to handle that. The penalty is for challenge participants who use "Nice Post" or spammy crap as their ONLY comment on a lead post. That is unacceptable.

Q: Do we have to respond to every comment?

A: Yes and No. Obviously if someone is engaging you in conversation within the thread, it would be good practice to chat and increase your post/comments count. It's a great way to get to know someone. On the flip side of that, you don't need to have the long good-bye either. As most conversations go, it naturally wanes and nothing else is left to say. That's okay! Move on.

Q: 500 posts/comments is a lot. Aren't you encouraging SPAM?

A: Absolutely not. Anyone in the challenge caught spewing SPAM will automatically be disqualified as stated in the original post. Maybe I'm being old school, but when I started there were people who made it a daily goal to post 100 comments A DAY. I've halved that. You're welcome.


I'd like to make it very clear that this is NOT a follow for follow campaign. There is no obligation to follow me or any of the challenge participants. The point is to find your own people and a comfy niche. If this helps you find that audience then it's accomplished a major task.

Another thing to note is that this is not a contest to pit one against another. It's not a popularity contest either. ALL people who complete the challenge will have an equal distribution of the SBD reward pool. ALL successful participants will have their name in the randomizer for an equal chance at playing with 5,000 SP for one week. That being said, I don't really care how popular or unpopular you are. Do the work, finish the tasks, earn some dough.

Guess who you are competing against? Yourself Trying something a little different here...

I'm sharing only the title of the post. Which one's have you selected to read and why?

What is it about a title that attracts you? Please share your thoughts in comments so we can use this as a learning experience.

Many of our participants are new to Steemit. Some have been active members for a long time, and quite a few are new-to-me. What I've found so far is they are all amazing in their own right and I highly encourage you, my wonderful and loyal friends, to check them out.

List of participants' posts in no particular order:

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If you like their content, consider following them. Also remember that part of their challenge is to have a minimum of 500 posts/comments by the challenge deadline of July 18th. Consider engaging them on their post.

Deadline for new participants is July 11th in order to meet the post requirement of the challenge. See original post for complete rules.

My question to you is: Are you more likely to click a title or the author's name? PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT

You have a duty as a new Steemian to learn about witnesses and their important role within the community. Read @pfunk's Complete User's Guide to Steem Witnesses. You have 30 votes. Use them wisely.