The amount of PEOPLE visiting STEEMIT is growing EXPONENTIALLY evey month!!

steemit.com5y ago

Every month the amount of views and users steemit has been receiving has doubled exponentially. Last month alone, in June, steemit has recieved 11.93 Million views which is a 102% increase from the month prior. In May there was a total of 5.9 Million views and in April a total of 2.7 Million views.

Here is a look at the traffic coming in sorted by country.

At this rate we will catch up to reddit in under a years time, which has seen a decline of 2% views in June which many not seem like alot but at a current monthly view count of 1.26 Billion, I wouldn't necessarily say that's a small amount either.

Steemit to the MOON, here we come!!