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The 13th Doctor Who is coming. How SHE will be?

Doctor Who is ready for his 14th regeneration (*). After 3 years with the sharp and aged face of Peter Capaldi, the Doctor will be played by an new actor that is, for the first time in 54 years, a woman: the british actress Jodie Whittaker.


The 13th Doctor will debut in next Christmas Special. How she will be? I saw Whittaker in Broadchurch season 1, in Black Mirror and in the funny sci fi movie Attack the block. She is a very good actress, both in drama and in comedy. But beeing a good actor/actress is not enough to play The Doctor.

Much will depend on the plots that new showrunner of the series, Chris Chibnall, is writing. Chibnall, by the way, wrote some episode of Doctor Who's spinoff Torchwood, and was also the author of Broadchurch.

Whovians do love novelties, but they are also very fond of the known features of the series and of the character: this is always the challenge every author have to handle to write new Doctor's stories.

Furthermore, every fan noted how the Doctor's plots became more complex and thick, in the last seasons. This started during the Tennant's seasons, in my opinion, with the "Bad Wolf" story, and reached its top in the "3 Doctors Special" during the 50th anniversary of the show. From that point, the task of Doctor Who's authors has been harder.

Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor, played the role in some of the most complex and amazing stories of the whole saga (A Good Man Goes to War, for example, or the Pandorica episodes, or also the Silence episodes)

Peter Capaldi too, as the Doctor, had to handle hard and complicated situations, as in the Gallifrey cospiracy against him, and in every story involving the new The Master's incarnation, Missy.

What awaits the 13th Doctor and her companion, Bill? About Bill, we know she is a funny character (and so is the last co-companion, Nardole), so this will be a trait to consider in shaping the next Doctor. I mean, I think Jod...

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