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TenX CEO, Julian Hosp, Issues a Call to Action to All TenX Card Holders, Gives Update on Banking License — Steemit

I have recently started following the progress of TenX, an ICO that is focusing on creating a cryptocurrency-powered debit card network that has the potential to make digital currencies much more consumer-friendly.

In the latest weekly Q&A, TenX CEO Julian Hosp asked existing card holders to film themselves using the TenX debit card to raise brand awareness and quell investor skepticism:

"Everyone of you who already has a TenX card, and there's thousands of you....use your card, film it, make a picture, and post that.," said Hosp in the video.

I'm guessing that Julian is asking existing users to make more videos like this:

While the price of the TenX Pay token has been declining since mid-August against bitcoin and the U.S. dollar, the TenX team has continued to grow at a very rapid pace. From my research so far, it appears that TenX recently brought in IFBL Certified Compliance Officer Yana Afanasieva as the company's new CCO.

Afanasieva, who has previously worked as chief compliance officer for Japanese bitcoin exchange bitFlyer, as well as head of regional compliance for Amazon and PayPal in Europe, will be spearheading TenX's bid for a banking license.

A full banking license will essentially allow TenX to become its own debit card issuer, which means TenX can service cryptocurrency users all over the globe.

In today's update, Julian Hosp said that TenX is looking to obtain its banking license within the next 6 months under the "aggressive version" of the current plan, "the medium version will probably be 10 months, and the really, really slow version would be 15 months.," he added.

Based on Julian's statements today, most optimistic scenario would be around March to April of 2018.

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