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Ten ways to be the best #Steembassador you can! Wear it like a badge of honor, because one day it will be. — Steemit

Do you proudly tell others about your wonderful secret, Steem? Because you should be! If just 1 out of every 10 of us was a #Steembassador then we'd have an army 25,000 strong as of today.. think about that...

If all of us had ANY sort of task to do 1 time per day, thats 25-100k tasks done per day depending on how much effort we can put in, thats insane, thats bigger than any business out there...

📝 So here's a few tips and tricks you can use to become a #Steembassador overnight...

1. Always ask yourself, how awesome would this be if Steem were involved? I do this about 5 times per day, some days 100 times. It's like exercise, get those reps in. This is you training your brain to become a more devoted Steemian.

2. Always look out for potential new Steemians, know someone who likes to write? Well what are you waiting for, tell them about Steemit!

3. Always, ALWAYS be thinking about your next amazing post. The goal should be to be as original as possible while still being constant, this will grow your following and your Steem Power, thus giving you more influence.

4. Ask yourself, what is my goal with Steem? If the answer isn't to spread freedom, end poverty and change the world, start over. Rinse and repeat until your answer is to spread freedom, end poverty and change the world.

5. See someone online who seems like a Steemian ready to be awakened? Invite them to sign up and give them a  good solid explanation and/or video about why Steem would benefit them.

6. Pass it (the earnings) along, we all earn semi well depending on our effort levels, so why not pass it along in the form of donation to content creators outside of Steem, and make sure to let them know where the donation originated, aka This goes a long way, trust me I do it alot.

7. UPVOTE RESTEEM AND SHARE OTHER PEOPLES POSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!

8. Upvote, comment and provide feedback to minnows, newbies...

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