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Sushi Dinner! Motivated to Motivate You! 300 reps! - Day 73 - 6/3/18 — Steemit

Day 73 completing the #fitnesschallenge by @steemmatt! This whole exercise thing is really working out! Normally if I get sick I'm on bed rest and can't do much but now it comes and goes as I focuse more on my health! It's a win/win if you get started!

I was very motivated today! I just didn't think I would be able to get any reps done today but after I took a dose of medicine I had enough energy to get it all done. I really surprised myself today with getting it done. I was certain that I would need a rest or take a break but I didn't feel very sore. I actually felt more sore yesterday then I did today.

Longest streak: 22 days Last Streak: 13 days Current Streak: 11 days Skipped Days: 9 The Challenge: At least 100 honest reps of exercise every day. No excuses. No bullsh*t. Just actions, positivity, and results. Only post AFTER your reps are done. Always support each other. (Currently on Pause, find out why with a much needed decision to pause the challenge for a few days. Find a challenge post here with the old rules and conditions so you can get warmed up and ready for participation for when the new guidelines are released. In the mean time

I also want to tell you about the #50squatchallenge and the #50pushupchallenge by @notorious562! 50 easy squats and pushups every day! I'm doing 50 squats daily now so I've decided to participate in that as well. So this is also my completion of both!

My Daily Challenge Completed. Also: 2700 Reps in 9 Days (day 5)

Another successful day and I'm not even feeling that sore! I was able to add 25 reps to each making for 150 Squats and 150 Pushups. I can probably admit that 73 days ago I would not have been able to do 150 pushups just like that in one day. Of course it wasn't 150 straight pushups. I start with airsquats and do 15 reps and take a 30 second to 1 minute breather and do the next 10 reps. Then I switch to pushups and do the same, flip flopping between the two til I'm done. It's not particularly easy and I feel that I may be coming on to my limit here. We'll see if I'm sore tomorrow! Will I be bale to get 175 pushups done? I believe it's possible as I am certain I could do 25 more pushups right now if I had to (making for 175) so if I can do 150 pushups today I should be able to do them tomorrow! Only 4 days to go but it's getting harder with the added reps. Certainly not used to working the same muscles this much but I am surprisingly not very sore yet!

150 Air Squats 15 reps, 10 reps 15 reps, 10 reps 15 reps, 10 reps 15 reps, 10 reps 15 reps, 10 reps 15 reps, 10 reps 150 Pushups 15 reps, 10 reps 15 reps, 10 reps 15 reps, 10 reps 15 reps, 10 reps 15 reps, 10 reps 15 reps, 10 reps

Total rep count: 300

Yesterday's Reps

2700 reps in 9 days (day 4) - Squats and Pushups - 250

Cumulative Tally

15,950 Reps


I did half my workout before lunch but then I got way too hungry and had a ham & cheese sandwich, then I banged out the rest. This certainly worked up some hunger as you can see by the multiple plates of food littered throughout this post. Friend came over and I decided to treat him and myself to the new japanese sushi joint that just opened last month.

Dinner was Sushi rolls, Sushi and at the end some Hibachi Chicken. This was an all you can eat for $20 so you bet I got my money's worth! The deal was that we finished everything on the plate before we could order more and if we don't eat everything we ordered we could get a take out surcharge. We were okay with that and there was a small 5 minute break in between our orders.

All Pictures are taken by me with a Nikon D3400

Doubled this as my food photography challenge for @juliank's @photocontest! Haven't entered one of those in a while!

Thanks for reading! Steem On! Join the #fitnesschallenge!

My Motivation

So after a good few months of not smoking I kind of picked it up again for like 2 months and now I've managed to stop again. I am on 7 full days without cigarettes and boy does it feel good! When I get up in the morning/afternoon I am fighting off any urges by just beginning my workout as soon as possible. This is really helping me not think about it. The only is when I go to update this section but it still makes me feel really good to say that I've gone 7 whole days without any cigarettes. Seems like a really long road ahead for that 3 month milestone but if I hand't started I'd be on 5 months already. Let's hope I can manage another 7 days, and more!

When I joined Steemit I made the decision to always Power-Up my earnings. For now, payouts are set to 50/50 but you bet I will convert & Power Up! Besides internal transfers, I have never cashed out and don't plan on it! Power-Up only!
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