Suesa's Science Challenge #2

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It is time again for a new challenge! After the first one got so many great entries, I decided to do it again with a different topic.

The Topic

This time, it is all about misconceptions. Write about either

A misconception that greatly annoys you A misconception that amuses you The Rules The misconception should be about something scientific, which includes not only natural sciences like biology, chemistry and physics but also mathematics, technology, medicine and engineering – basically STEM + medicine. Write a post describing the misconception and explaining how and why it is wrong. Add sources and properly cite them. If you use pictures that aren’t your own, give proper credit. Tag your entry with #suesascience and post a link to your entry as a comment under this post. The challenge will end on 29th September at 0:00 UTC+2, results will follow soon after. Winners will be chosen by volunteers from steemSTEM management who won’t participate themselves. Winners from the last challenge can participate, but their entries won’t be taken into consideration to give other people a better chance at winning. If you want to participate but want to decline the chance to win you can state that at the beginning of your post. The Rewards 30 SBD + 30 SP 25 SBD + 25 SP 20 SBD + 20 SP 15 SBD + 15 SP 10 SBD + 10 SP

The Steempower will be directly powered up to the winner and is sponsored by @steemstem The SBD are taken out of my personal funds.

Bonus: The winner out of the top five who has the least Steempower (Minnow-Winner) will be rewarded with a big temporary Steempower delegation sponsored by @minnowbooster !

Additional Notes

Every participant who follows the rules will be mentioned in the final post which announces the winners, to give them all a bit more exposure.

Plagiarizers will be immediately disqualified. If you’re a known plagiarizer you’ll be disqualified even if your entry itself is legit.

If you want to connect with the steemSTEM community, join the #steemSTEM channel on!

And last but not least: Good luck and have fun writing!