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Step by Step Tutorial To Earn Your First $15 With Steemit And Increase Your Earnings Every Single Month! — Steemit

If you're new to Steemit just like myself, you sure have created terrific content that nobody has seen and this makes you lose faith of making money online using this wonderful platform and little by little the motivation to continue trying to earn some extra money with Steemit.

Give me 1 hour of your time, depending on how fast you read and how good you are following instructions, and I promise that at the end of this guide you will end up with the necessary knowledge to earn your first $15 with Steemit and increase your earnings every month. If you're a Member Private Cryptocurrency Group 2.0 Then you will earn at least $25+ every month.

With that said, I would recommend grabbing a cold beer or cup of coffee as this guide is a bit long. Be sure to read and follow the steps carefully to avoid making mistakes because if you fill some of the boxes incorrectly you will not benefit from this guide at it's full potential.

Necessary Things 1.0.003 SBD/Steem dollars in your Steemit wallet.

Important NOTE: If you do not have 0.003 SBD in your wallet Steemit let me know in the comments and I will sent it to you!

2.1 to 2 hours of your time.

Desire to make money online with Steemit, financial freedom, and be your own boss as I am

Register for Discord. You can use the Web application or download it to your PC. Discord

Open this link after registering and enter discord PAL Group

If entering the link does not work press on the + button and then Join

Once join PAL in Discord follow the steps below: On your left search for registration or CTRL + K and insert registration

Once inside Registration writes: $ register YourSteemitUsername and 2 messages will appear by @minnowsupport y @banjo

Send 0.001Steem Dollar a @minnowsupport y 0.001 a @banjo Very Important Note: Make sure you use the corresponding Memo for each transaction.

After sending 0.001 Stee...

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