SteemSTEM Sticker Update - Contact Info

steemit.com5y ago

Hey everyone! Thanks for your support in raising funds for the stickers! It looks like we raised ~$22 (.75*30). I should have asked for everyone's addresses in the initial post, but I wasn't thinking. I will of course need these!

You can message me on @foundation, or via email: [email protected] I would like to place the order next Wednesday (September 20th), so if you can contact me by then that would be great! This will help me in determining how many I should order. Ideally I would like to send multiple to each person, otherwise shipping will be more expensive than the sticker in most cases.. That will also leave some extra for people that may contact me too late, or want a sticker in the future..

There weren't many votes for sticker shape/color, but the red rectangle did receive a couple so that is what I will be ordering as of now :)

Oh, and any rewards earned on this post will also go towards the stickers :)