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Steemit | The Future of Blogging and Social Media

Steemit is, of course, something everyone here has heard of, but I must say it is definitely one of the most interesting projects related to cryptocurrency out there. I will be formatting this post as I normally do with my posts


What is Steemit?

Steemit is a blogging platform created on the Steem blockchain that pays users in cryptocurrency (Steem and SBD) for the content they produce. The amount they earn from their content is determined by the value of upvotes given by other people. Your upvote value is determined by the amount of Steem Power you have in your account. The more Steem Power you have, the more valuable your upvote is. To check your Steem Upvote Value, you can use this upvote calculator. Once you receive a certain amount of money through upvotes, you must wait 7 days after the post was created to receive your payment. Then, you will be paid for your work as follows

75% of the amount of money made from your post will be distributed to you, or the author, while 25% will go to the upvotees, or the curators. Of the 75% you receive, 50% of that is transfered into Steem Dollars, a cryptocurrency you can withdraw as soon as you receive it, while the other 50% will go into Steem Power to increase your upvote value.

What if I don't like the look of Steemit?

You can use a different "skin" through a website called allows you to see how much each upvote added to your profit, along with the percentage each person upvoted at, and gives you a restructured version of the site (which looks better IMO).

Want to try out an upvote bot?

Well, I have a special one. I recently created @KiwiBot, a bot that will upvote your posts. At the moment, it's upvote value is around .003 SBD per 100% upvote, however, it is free to receive an upvote (unless you want to donate to the cause). You can find a post about KiwiBot here. If you would like to join the Discord server to request an upvote, pleas...

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