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Steemgg: The World's First Blockchain HTML5 gaming platform based on STEEM — Steemit

Today, we are pleased to announce that we are launching Steemgg, the first blockchain html5 gaming platform based on STEEM. We are at our last stages of testing, and will officially come online in a few day's time. What is Steemgg

Steemgg is a game distribution platform based on the STEEM blockchain. Steemgg allows game developers to upload their games through our platform onto the steem blockchain, and in doing so, game developers get earnings for their creation through the means of upvotes, some of which is provided by our official account @steemgg.

At the same time, gamers can visit our site and directly play games uploaded by game developers, without needing to download or pay. They can then choose to support the games they like through upvotes. Similar to steemit posts, they are incentivised to upvote the games they like by getting a share of the voting reward.

Steemgg is for Game Developers Get paid for your hardwork

Being indie developers ourselves, we understand that game development is hard and it can be demotivating to know that you may have to offer your game for free to increase your exposure. Steemgg is here to change that. By uploading your game onto our platform, you WILL be rewarded. Gamers who like your game would be able to reward you through upvotes. You will be earning STEEM, one of the most used cryptocurrencies in the world, which can be converted to major currencies through many cryptocurrency exchanges. Because there is no out-of-pocket cost for the gamers, you are much more likely to receive rewards as oppose to asking them to buy your game. As a bonus, you will receive an upvote from our official @steemgg account even if no one else upvotes it, meaning you will be guaranteed a payout if you upload your game onto our site.

Unlimited Rewards

We understand that unlike posts, well-designed games have significant replay value and should not be restricted by steemit's seven days reward peri...

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