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[SteemBay Auction] 8 Steem Monsters Death (Black) Cards - 1 Common - 7 Rares! - Only 0.1 STEEM Reserve!!

Get started with Steem Monsters with this little mixed pack, or level up your current black deck, or gift them to your friends, family, coworkers, enemies, or even resell them on the Monster Market!  The world is yours! The auction is for the 8 cards you see in the image above.  They are the following: Common:

Spineback Wolf  


Zintar Mortalis

(Three) Haunted Spirit

(Three) Twisted Jester

All these cards are fresh Level 1's and ready to be upgraded or gifted or you can just stare at your screen looking at them as is, it's your quinceañera!   Thanks for checking the auction out, happy bidding!  

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