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Sperm Whales Sleep Vertically Upright, Yes really ...

Ever fallen asleep standing up? Then you know what it's like to sleep like a sperm whale.

Franco Banfi - a Swiss wildlife photographer and his team were following a group of sperm whales near the coast of Dominica Island (the Caribbean Sea ).

( I wanna mention this here: Sperm whales are social beings and they group in pods for mating, hunting and guarding each other),

When suddenly the whole pod became motionless and fell into vertical rest just like the picture below.

This phenomenon was first discovered just in 2008, when a crew of biologists found a group of sperm whales floating just below the sea surface, completely unaware of their surroundings. When one of their ships accidentally collided with one of the sperm whales, the whole pod ran away.

Before that, it was thought that sperm whales, slept with one side of their brain turned on 'like dolphins' to do physical activity, like swimming, breathing or avoiding predators all while asleep.

The scientists then analyzed the data from tagged sperm whales and discovered that- 

Sperm whales might sleep with both sides of their brains turned off and they take short, "sessions" of sleep through the day.

This makes sperm whales most likely to be the least sleep-dependent mammals known to mankind.

Sources :  

Kottke / Current Biology  / Gizmodo 

Picture Credit: All Goes To Franco Banfi

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