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[Sndbox] The role of Art from the cave paintings to our society: a model

What is Art for? I have my own conjecture about that. We need created images for the same purpose ancient men did their cave paintings, or about.

It is a matter of narration and control. A matter of dispelling the unknown.

Why narration? According to Jerome Bruner's theory, human mind knows by narration. A baby starts to know the world building and learning stories about it. The narrative pattern is deeply inside human nature, and it comes before the language. That's why images are the first elements of our narrative experiences of knowledge.

This is a conjecture, of course. A model. I like it but I don't take it as a fact.

Creating images and watching created images are really primordial needs. What is the peculiarity of created images? Their being artificial. A drawing or a painting are a fictional representation of something (it works also for abstract art, but I'll talk about that in another post). A created image is something that is actually in front of my eyes but it can't harm me, it's not real. Primitive men painting hunting scenes in their caves didn't try just to propitiate the outcome of their hunt. They wanted also to dispel their fears. They wanted to control the unknown.

A created image is something you control. Both drawing it and watching it have also this hidden effect.

I think our need to watch created, artificial images comes both from our innate istinct to know by narration and from our desire of control.

This is a basic model, as I said. How can it fit to Art as we know it? Is it enough to describe Art? It is not.

Art, in our society, is not just about creating original and quality images. It is also a legacy each individual has for training his taste and to growing his identity. 

We are a social species that teaches to its sons by the social environment (family, school, museums and so on). Doing that created a cultural shared fabric for each community we belong to - e...

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