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Security Advice for Girls: Oktoberfest Day 3 — Steemit

Oktoberfest Day 3 - security advice for the ladies

Ladies and gentlemen of Steemit, we have Day 3 today of our Oktoberfest - Beer and Fun and Girls yes - however especially the ladies should be careful visiting the event, as on every other huge folk festival also sexual harassment and assault is happening. There is an initiative in Munich since 2003 called “Sichere Wiesn für Mädchen und Frauen (Safe Oktoberfest for Girls and Women) that stands up for an enjoyable and carefree visit for every girl and woman at the Oktoberfest.

My wife is supporting that initiative

If you are wondering why my wife is in the photo on this post - she is also supporting in her free time this initiative as many others. The topic is a serious one as a lot is happening on an event where the beer halls open already 9am in the mornings and million son hungry men are hunting on the area - and some can not behave, the influence of too much alcohol is increasing the danger for girls.

Read some Do's and Don'ts Considering an event with 600,000 visitors per day it is easy to get lost. Therefore always agree with your friends / family on a meeting point before the visit Carry your money, phones, key and other important things on yourself - do not put that into Backpacks or handbags When leaving a tent (even you plan to return) take all belongings with you. Sometimes the tent is overcrowded and you might not be able to return. Eat something and also consume non-alcoholic drinks in between Avoid drink spiking: becoming incapable of action is no fun and it happens every day Never walk home alone - assault can also happen on your way back

Source: Advise and one visual from - rest is my lady lol

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