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Searching for the upvote "sweet spot" - following @beanz' lead

Hardfork 19 has been putting a crimp in my curation and I've been vocal about seriously not liking the 100% vote strength on 10 posts limit before the vote power goes in the toilet.

Pretty much from the beginning of my Steemit history I've been saying,

"If you're not a whale, upvote 100%."

As a minnow I couldn't wait for my slider! I was rewarded with it as soon as I hit 1.00m vests... and have disliked the darned thing from that moment on.

Until HF19 came around, I maintained my voting practice of 100% on all posts. I felt like I was being a good tipper. My curation includes a read through, an upvote, and often a thoughtful comment, observation, or tip. This practice works for me!

In my hey-day, I would leave anywhere between 20-60+ comments and didn't care about vote strength because it always recovered fast enough to be worth a damn. But now? I feel like I'm wasting precious time worried about how long it's going to take my account to recover.

image source It sounds like I'm talking "me, my, and mine" right? Quite selfish, you'd think.

In reality, these upvotes are a huge part of the giving/tipping economy that we've built here. Sure, I can upvote all day, every day, and completely drain my voting strength - but then an upvote would be worth $0.00.

Pardon me but that's like having a $100 bar tab and leaving the bartender a penny. Having been a waitress and bartender in the past, that is a major insult! I'd rather a patron walk out leaving nothing than scoop up their disparaging penny.

image source

Look, if I took the time to read your post, 99% of the time it's followed up with an upvote and comment -- and I like to tip. I don't want to tip you 10 or 20%. I want to tip you 100%. But I feel like I can't anymore and that feeling SUCKS.

I know... First world problems. image source Moving forward

FINE! HF19 is here and I may as well stop bitching about it. Time ...

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