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Scholarships for Overwatch and League of Legends Players at UCI

Overwatch players, rejoice!

Now you can earn a college scholarship based on your Overwatch skills, as long as you are willing to put them to good use while in school.

Overwatch Scholarships at UCI

The University of California Irvine will begin offering scholarships to Overwatch players this fall through the school’s new eSports program. The eSports program at UCI first launched in 2016 with the school making 10 League of Legends scholarships available to gamers who made the cut. In fall 2017, the school will add 10 Overwatch scholarships to that offering. UCI’s Overwatch team did very well in 2016 tournaments.

With the launch of the UCI eSports program came significant backing from Riot Games, the developers of League of Legends. The company funded construction of a state of the art eSports arena for the university in 2016, based on the design of Korean PC gaming cafes.

Extensive Gaming Culture at UCI

UCI has incorporated video games into its academic programs since 2002, when it established the Game Culture & Technology Lab. It has gone on to conduct research in gaming and offers a degree program in gaming science.

2002: Game Culture & Technology Lab established at Calit2 2008: $3 million research grant from National Science Foundation for game-based virtual worlds as decentralized virtual activity systems 2009: Establishes the Institute for Virtual Environments and Computer Games 2011: B.S. Degree program in Computer Game Science, 300 undergraduate enrollees

A recent student survey at UCI revealed that 72 percent identify as gamers and 89 percent support the creation of an eSports team.

“What separates eSports at UCI from other schools is that we have a track record of success. Our LoL [League of Legends] club team is a three-time national champion holder, and we are Super Smash Bros national champions… We’re known for being really good at academics and having a low-acceptance rate and being...
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