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Save The Matusagaratí Lagoon Wetland In Panama - Petition — Steemit

It is the most important wetland in Panama and the fourth Latin American. It does not just affect me, it affects all Panamanians, Latin Americans, and the rest of the world.

It has 68 thousand hectares, but they are killing it. Recently the government of Panama declared 26 thousand of those hectares to be protected land, but this doesn't even cover the most critical parts of the wetland.

At minimum, 50 thousand hectares should be protected, as it was were protected for years prior, and should protect the most important areas of the wetlands. The current Government does not care about nature. They do not go hungry, they do not need to work. They are only concerned with filling their pockets at the expense of the lives of others and even of future generations.

It has been 10 years since fraudulent land adjudications began. These lands are of the state according to the law can not be granted to anybody, they are of the planet can not be given to any person and especially not those that wish to exploit it. But this is what happens when the whole system is of personal interest.

Many parts of the wetland are engaged in agricultural activities that are not compatible with the wetland. The main problem came from a company that was awarded land and began to plant rice and oil palm causing great environmental damage. Those who denounced this illegal activity came out of the country because of the death threats they received. Thanks to the fact that life always has its turns, two owners of this company recently have been condemned to more than 2 years of prison. While it is a victory, much remains to be done. We do not want to see how the government ends up killing the wetland.

Please sign this online petition. I know it is not much but at least it is a first step.  Fill in your email under "Ingresa tu dirección de e-mail" and fill the rest of the fields once the pop up. Nombre = Name, Pais = Country, C. Postal = Zip Code, Cui...

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