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REMChain and other news from REMME from beginning of June 2018 — Steemit

REMME's team took part recently in Consensus conference in NYC, so good time to share different news about the project, which is growing actively. Some news are taken from REMME bi-weekly update #6 and others from different sources. Also I need to remind you that REMME's Ambassador campaign is still going on for few more weeks, I wrote about this on Steemit, some of the conditions changed so it even became easier to take part in it.

REMChain While in past REMME thought of developing their project on other platforms (i.e. Emercoin), something around half a year ago they announced that they will develop own blockchain - REMChain. Now REMME finished the REMchain side of the atomic swap protocol. This protocol enables users to transfer REM tokens between REMchain and the Ethereum blockchain so they can utilize tokens to manage certificates. UI and Ethereum side are on their way. Integration Libraries. REMME implemented v0.1.0 integrations libraries for .NET and JS. This will allow applications which use that technology stack to easily integrate REMME business logic into projects. It provides the ability to interact with the REMME Node internal REST API. Scientific research activities Within the roadmap of the REMME Research Lab, they have been carrying out research on the existing families of the consensus algorithms in order to find the optimal algorithm for developing the REMСhain consensus for the public version of our blockchain. In the first stage a brief review of the main classes of consensus algorithms is provided. This research will be published soon. As a result REMME narrowed the focus of their research to BFT (Byzantine Fault Tolerance) protocols, executed a technical overview, study their math models and compared the technical specifications. Finally, they identified three main algorithms: Honey Badger BFT, SBFT and Algorand’s protocol, which they have subjected to deep analysis and implementation to allow further all-around benchmark...
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