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Image Source: The holy month for we Muslims have begun, and its Ramadan! Ramadan Karim Mubarak to my all Muslim friends on #steemit or outside of steemit. This is a month of blessing and the is the month when we can beg for help from only Almighty Allah and get a great return for our good deeds. This is the best time for prayer and we can please our Allah by gooding good and stay away from evil deeds. We human being make several mistakes in life and we need to correct them or else the guilt would be unbearable. We ask for mercy from only Almighty Allah. There is huge significance in this Ramadan and we need to know or feel the importance of this time. We can ask for mercy and donate our asset to the poor to satisfy Allah, Allah loves people who help other people. So we should know the best use of this time. The fast of this season to teaches us the control of our need. We keep fast and this way we practice how to control ourselves. The people who smoke, drink and involve in other addiction can practice quitting these bad habits which are harmful to health. Islam makes things haram or forbidden for us which is bad for us, so #Ramadan is a month when we can practice to stay away from those bad addiction. So Ramadan has a great contribution to our life when we can practice for the good deeds and stay away from bad. Let's make a good use of this golden time and surrender ourselves to Islam for our own benefits. We can expect mercy, more blessings in this holy month of RAMADAN! Once again, Happy Ramadan Karim Mubarak !!! Special Thanks To: At First I would like to thank our most respectful mentor @surpassinggoogle sir for his grand support for my posts on steemit, To be honest his votes means a lot to me and motivate me to be here on #steemit.

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