Rafael Nadal Wins US Open 2017 and His 16th Grand Slam Today & US Open Giveaway Results — Steemit

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Well, as I anticipated, Nadal won US Open by taking care of Kevin Anderson in straight sets 6-3, 6-3, 6-4 and got his Sweet 16th Grand Slam title. He is now 3 slams away from tying Federer's 19 Grand Slam count. I feel very fortunate to have seen both of them play in the same era. I'm still a bit disappointed that the Federer vs. Nadal match didn't occur, but obviously Nadal is playing better in this tournament and I'm sure Nadal would have won anyway.

Now I'd like to congratulate the winners my Men's US Open 200 Steem Contest/Giveaway:

Taking first place is @deimus with 2500 points and 500 tiebreak points for correctly picking 2 semifinalists and both finalists and of course he picked Nadal! @deimus was tied with @marzi but @deimus won the tiebreak by correctly picking Monica Keys as one of the women's finalists. @deimus gets 100 Steems!!!

Second place is @marzi with 2500 points for also correctly picking the 2 semifinalists and both finalists and Nadal for the winner. @marzi gets 50 Steems! Third place goes to @pandamama. She has 2250 points for picking three quarterfinalists (only her and @davor27 picked the most (3) quarterfinalists) and Nadal to the final and the winner. @pandamama gets 25 Steems! Three Steemians tied for 4th place: Tied for 4th: @ackza, @costanza, @jsock - 2000 points each Each get 10 Steems!

5th place: @davor27 - 1250 points @davor27 gets 5 Steems!

The rest of the participants get 1 Steem each: @investwarrior @barcalogia

Total Steem Rewarded: 212. Thanks again everyone for participating!

For those of you who missed the contest/giveaway, follow me so you won't miss it next time I have a giveaway/contest.

I LOVE betting on, I mean, watching men's tennis so you can expect 4 giveaways per year with the Grand Slams and I might do one on the World Tour Finals at the end of the season.