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Putting my money where my mouth is - A Community Challenge

>> I DO NOT recommend writing more than 2 posts per day during this challenge.<< Share only ONE (1) post per day in your personal thread. Minimum requirements: 1 featured photo or gif with citation, minimum 300 words, NO click bait titles! You must respond to all comments on your posts. You must have a minimum of 500 comments within 10 days.Thoughtfully responding to comments left on your personal posts definitely count.Bullshit spammy replies like "Nice Post" or "Follow me" will automatically disqualify you from this challenge. Once you've reached all the minimum requirements (or got to the last day of the challenge) you will post a screenshot of your header within your personal thread so we can track your growth and progress.You can post a daily screenshot too if that's easier for you. It is recommended to upvote comments of your fellow Steemians.Remember: Sometimes comments can earn more than your posts! What's the purpose of this challenge? COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT and building your tribe

I've welcomed a lot of newbies onto Steemit and told them the importance of THE THREE C'S. Heck, I've even coached other Steemians with this practice and sometimes they listen - sometimes they don't - but if you look at my account as an example, this system has worked for me and I truly believe it can work for you too. What are THE THREE C'S?

- CONTENT - Your posts are the gateway for getting to know you as a content creator. - COMMENTS - This is the life blood of building your tribe and where community engagement lives. - CURATION - Your upvotes matter. Sprinkle it around like magic fairy dust! Read some of the amazing feedback about finding the "sweet spot" in curation. The prizes 150 SBD is up for grabs

This will be equally distributed only among all participants who successfully finish the challenge. If only one person meets all the requirements, they will be awarded the entire thing! If no one finishes ...

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