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Purple is the Color of (Steemit) Whales! Read on to know why — Steemit

Today I have a lot of Purple for you

Purple is the colour of Wisdom, wealth and more - so perfect colour for our Whales here. The following shoots some are from the Sea Aquarium in Burgas showing tropical citizens of the Sea for the marvellous 📷 #ColorChallenge of @kalemandra covering the topic Sunday Purple.

The meaning of Purple

Purple is said to combine the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red and is often linked to luxury, power, nobility and ambition. So truly a colour of the Whales as it stands for wealth, creativity, wisdom, pride and peace too. Well who would deny this is the description of the Steem(it) Whales.

The first ones show Piranhas - a beautiful but dangerous creature living in the waters / river of South American. Who hasn't seen some horror movies seeing them eating anything with their sharp teeth and powerful jaws - not linking this to our Whales just in case you think :-).

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