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Pretty Sure I Am A Psychopath — Steemit

There. I said it. Bring me the mask from "Silence of the Lambs".

OK, I haven't worn another man's face yet, nor I intend to, unless I can't find a better idea for Halloween. But I do have moments where I just ponder "Hey, I should be feeling something right now other than total neutrality".

Please Don't Call The Police On Me, I Can Explain...

Since I was a little kid, I noticed that I don't really register emotions normally in some situations. In cases where I was supposed to feel stressful or scared or empathetic, I was dead inside, without the emo connoation of the term.

Yeah, the title is misleading and it's there for the shock factor. I DO feel and I DO have empathy. Sometimes the latter manifests out of nowhere and it's quite deep, but also fleeting.

And that really makes the whole situation more interesting.

I could be walking down the street, see an old man and feel sad on an existential level, about the state of humans once they get passed their productive years.

At the same time, that said man gets hit by a car, his brain makes a magestic 10 meter vertical and I am sitting there, slurping my double chocolate ice cream, with caramel chunks, like I am in the cinema.

That has never happened, so I may be wrong on this. But there are more mild situations where I've been the distant, harmless cousin of Tend Bunty.

For example:

Back in school, we got in trouble using a desk as a skateboard to slide down the stairs and accidentaly hit a girl (yeah, just a fucking scrath on her leg, what a cry baby). Naturally, we were sent to the principle's office, where an obnoxious teacher started lecturing as about our behaviour.

(Note we were 12 or 14 something like that.)

"You are a disgrace, you could have killed her. You can be expelled or even go to jail (L O L). I am calling your parents BLA BLA BLA".

My friend started crying and said he was sorry. I just couldn't even m...

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