Pastries - Cakes - Bavarois - Desserts - Petit Fours

5Y Ago
Hello Steemians,

My name is Nick and I'll be posting my wife's creative 🎨 and 🎂 artwork. We're living in The Netherlands (a small country), but it's home 😊

Of course I think she's really good and talented so I convinced her to quit her job (as a customer service employee) and follow her heart being creative for work. She was getting miserable on her previous jobs and is already happy knowing not to have to go back. Now she's trying to make a good business with her own company in selling delicious (you guessed it) "Pastries - Cakes - Bavarois - Desserts - Petit Fours". In her spare time she loves to paint, so you'll be seeing some of that as well.

So without further ado I'll introduce you to my wife so you'll know who is actually making these beautiful things.

My wife is the one on the left side next to the green wedding cake. Her friend that was helping that day is on the right side.

Hope you like these posts as must as I do. For more delicious desserts from my wife: @nickl

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