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Parents Beware!- Children Accounts NOT allowed

Hello Steemit!

I have been meaning to do this post for a while now...but haven't for lack of time and direction. Lately, I am seeing more and more accounts of children on steemit. And I would have been one to say in the past how wonderful it is to get our children involved early in cryptocurrencies and what a wonderful idea it would be to have steemkids, a steemit for younger children. My ideas and thoughts were crushed when my daughter's account @cmgsteems was blocked on steemit.

Account Flagged/Disabled

About 3 weeks ago, I made a post asking the community and steemit for help finding out why my daughter's account was blocked.

I got some comments from concerned parents not knowing why it had been blocked. Some other people trying to guess or suggest why it had been closed, but no asnwers from "steemit" or someone who could help.


I got an answer from another parent whose son's account had also been suspended, after just introducing himself.

Since this child had received a response from @sneak, i decided to contact him to get more information about the whole situation, about kids on steemit etc.

I emailed @sneak to get more information about my daughter's situation, and to find out why her account was blocked. He was very nice and answered my questions. Here is my e-mail to him and his response:

I understand steemit is still in beta and doesn't take case-by-case "problems" or situations, so I was glad he was able to answer my questions. My next thing to do was to check the Terms of Service.

Steemit Terms of Service

Steemit Terms of Service, are those that we have to read and agree when we open an account, but, many people actually do not really read, just click on "Agree".

I am copying the ones that pertain to children or to the ones to bring to your attention. These can be found on the bar to the right and scrolling down to the last one.

2.Eligibility Steemit is not t...
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