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Our city library started a "borrowed Art" service - and asked us to donate artworks

The local library is very active. They organize exhibitions, projections, courses, conferences, meetings. They are hosting an exhibition of Anselm Kiefer at the moment, for instance.

(They have in their catalogue my show books too, of course ;) )

Recently they announced a new service: "Borrow an artwork". They are collecting artworks from many artists so to create a catalogue out of them and start a service of borrowing. People will be allowed to take one of those artworks and keep it at home for a certain period.

The direction of the library asked to me and to Silvia to donate one artwork each, to put them in that catalogue. I donated this little painting on cardboard:

Silvia gave this:

I don't know if this service will work, if people really will borrow the artworks. It sounds nice anyway to me: no need to buy expensive one-of-the-kind artworks to have them on your wall! 

I talked often in past posts about a way to share art without actually selling it. Museums and public collections do it, but creating a public collection needs anyway a rich sponsor who buys the artworks. And what our city library is doing need a donation from the owners of the artworks. 

Can this buying/selling part be bypassed? The answer is - in my opinion - in using reproductions and photographs to fund the donation of the one-of-the-kind to public collections.

The Steem system can be used for that too.

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