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New York Post Backs up Jamie Dimon's Statement that Bitcoin is a Fraud — Steemit

New York Post Author John Crudele just backed up Jamie Dimon's statement that bitcoin is a fraud. He alluded to the crypto currency market as "nonsense going on in the financial world". He also stated that "bitcoin and its imitators are backed by nothing of any real value", "it's about time that someone spoke up about it. Maybe the media will start doing its job on this subject as well".

It still ceases to amaze me that the people who criticize bitcoin are the ones who refuse to understand them. I can safely make this statement because I was one of those people when bitcoin was $250. It wasn't until I started studying bitcoin and blockchain technology that I understood that we are at a similar situation we were in the late 1990's dotcom era.

Or maybe I'm just being naive and these two guys are just waiting to accumulate more bitcoins during the dips.


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