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New artworks for sale on Steemarket (using SBD)

Here are some new artworks just added to Steemarket from Steem artists

 By @in2itiveart 

250 sbd + shipping 

By Daniel R. K @small1axe 

80 SBD or more (!)


 By @in2itiveart 

300 sbd + shipping 


By  Emy’s V  @mrssignificant 

250Euro or SBD + shipping (worldwide) 


 Mixed media sculpture by Paolo Beneforti 

280 SteemDollar + shipping cost 


 by Maarten Wydooghe / @marty-art 

 99 Euro or equivalent in SBD, or BTC + shipping (worldwide) 


By @silviabeneforti

 60 € or the same import in steem/SBD/bitcoin or bitshares 

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