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Going to share some pictures and story of my today's visit at Lakartula Tea Garden. The main purpose of the visit was to see who tea garden workers' children are getting free education by a local NGO. 

I walked around two kilometers to there and was searching for a school called Lakkartula tea garden pre-primary school

The school facilitating 25 kids of tea garden workers at Lakkartula tea garden spot

Today the school arranged treatment and free health check up for tea garden workers and their children. I joined there as a guest to see how the NGO Reliant Women Development Organization run their projects.

The area serious safe water problem. So the school established tube well for kids and people lives there. Children are taking safe water and participating inauguration program today 15 July, 2017.

The representative of Bangladesh Government, health, introducing different foods which are actually low cost but contains much vitamins. He also wanted to know more from them and told "Tea garden workers should have right to get education and proper treatment as they are citizen of Bangladesh. Mothers should send their kids at school."

This water is used by tea garden workers where I found fishes and open. So, when kids are drinking such water, they feel sick.

It was the gate through which I visited the school and found new experience about lakkartula tea garden workers life stye

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