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My Steemit Introduction Post - Josi ToneDice

Hello to you,lovely Steemians. I am so excited to be part of this insightful platform. I've been a member for just two days, reading and learning all I can about Steemit.

i LOVE it! And now i want to introduce myself: My name is Josi, 28, from Düsseldorf(Germany) and I'm a multiinstrumentalist ToneDice on Facebook (picture made with my smartphone) _ Some time ago i did some one-man-many-instruments covers on youtube which you can see here if you're interested :
More of them will be released soon...

I grow own organic food on my shared flats terasse. here is todays shot of our big zuchini and some tomato

This year i started to grind my own corn to make bread, sweets and pasta. (pictures made with my smartphone)

I do some photography and videography, mostly when i am travelling. Last time i was on teneriffe, and brought you this picture i made on a trip around the vulcano "Teide". I love that island and will definitely return to do some more adventures and hiking trips. (picture made with my panasonic gh4 - check my adventure album on facebook)

I also work as a Virtual Assistant at and i'm very curious about online marketing and e-learning.

Blockchain has already made big impacts (like steemit) and i hope to learn more about all the new ways how we can make the world a better place for all of us. I hope to make a positive and creative impact to our community by showing you my music, my receipts and some more insights about topics i like.

It will be a long way to become better in music/gardening/diy/crafting and you can become part of this journey ;-)

So kindly follow me @webresultat , upvote, comment on and resteem my posts if you enjoyed them.

See you soon Josi

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