My mum has terminal cancer. — Steemit

steemit.com5y ago

I just want to let me steem friends now that I'm currently going through a rough time emotionally as my mother has cancer. Two different courses of chemotherapy have now failed and doctors have revised her life expectancy from 'years' to 'months'. I live a fair distance from my mother and am in a tight spot financially as I'm likely to have to relocate to a different country within the next year or two, and so far have not saved enough for the move.

Luckilly friends rallied around and funded a visit for myself and @dana-varahi to get trains and flights to see my mum in person.

I started a gofundme and it surpassed its target after just 1hr. I wasn't even sure it would reach target.

I know I could have put a call out on steem, as the steem commununity has proved good at rallying around a number of its members in the past. If gofundme had failed I may well have done just that. I think at the moment only a handful of my long term friends and family are on the steem blockchain, and since I expected the money to come from family more than friends, I used gofundme. As it turned out I got a lot of support from unexpected quarters.

Another factor is that I still find it hard to ask for help. Probably a life issue I need to confront and heal. It was hard enough using a service like 'gofundme' for me. But I think the fact that it was a dedicated platform for that purpose helped a great deal. Asking for support directly in a steem post, from people I have not even met in a video call for the most part, felt awkward. Also I felt perhaps my situation wasn't as dire as the cases people had rallied around previously. Like my case was less deserving. I don't know, maybe that is another issue I need to face in myself. Do I not deserve better? If not, where does that belief come from?

Anyway, the main reason I'm posting this now, is not for sympathy or to raise funds for anything, but rather to ask you to bare with me for a time. If all I can manage to post is a daily #music-challenge post over the next month, you now know why.