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My Funny Food Art Pun Drawings....While I should have been working

I drew funny food puns on the menu board while I was working as a chef offshore to help pass the time on my twelve-hour shifts, 28 days in a row. I thought they were funny and the roughnecks out there got a pretty big kick out of them too. I hope they make you chuckle. Bonus drama to the story: I picked up a staph infection in my foot on the boat where I drew these and had to be sent back to land on a helicopter. It turns out they don't like you handling food with a highly contagious bacterial infection. Also, before anyone asks why some of the boards say "visitors please sign in." We were at port for two weeks and had dock workers coming on board to eat... and I forgot to erase it for like a week after we finally got out into the Gulf of Mexico.

Spicy Corn

Beef tips

California Veggies


Beef Tacos



Mashed Potatoes

Fish cakes


Sweet potatoes

Red Snapper

Chicken Scallopini

Shrimp Po Boys

Artisan Pizza

Rib Eye Steak

French Fries

Roast Beef

Blackened Chicken

Blackened Salmon

Chicken Tenders

Peach Cobbler

Grilled Chicken

Silly Egg

Ocean sunset

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