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My Friday With Women Empowerment - #Steemit

Hello steemians, I shared the Women Empowerment project in previous posts from my blog but I think a brief summary will help new readers to understand the project. I am working with three community projects. Among them @SchoolForSDG4 and Women Empowerment are older projects. Please read about @SchoolForSDG4 to read recent school articles.

Women Empowerment was founded by me ( 7 January, 2017) to facilitate local underprivileged women and girls by providing skill based training and create job positions within our social venture. We are little slow because we are not in profit but I am determined to help and make the project successful and profitable. I am investing from my supporters, donors and from my pocket so we can empower them and reward them for their work in future.

15 September, 2017

I fixed the class for them on Friday and Saturday. So, rest of the days they can go for their normal jobs and I also can continue my other works.

Today I joined with Mahmuda, Rabeya, Papiya, Rahima . They were four today in Women Empowerment class. Let's see what they are learning at Women Empowerment.

Papiya making handicraft products. She is still learning from our trainer. Is it looks nice ? Please comment below for Papiya.

This is Mahmuda. She is wonderful girl with strong determination. But I am sorry that she stopped her education because of financial problem. Now she teaches some students and attend our class for training. Make a comment for Mahmuda.

This is Rahima. Rahima study in class 10 and her father is a rickshaw puller. But We wish she will be a good jobholder or fashion designer or successful self-employed person in future. Make a comment for Rahima.

This is Rabeya. Rabeya also lives in slum with Rahima. She sometimes work for wealthy families and paid for her work. But we wish to change her future by Women Empowerment project.

Today was nice environment though we can't continue class or so ho...

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