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More Ditko love🕷

"More Ditko love🕷" - @JimMahfood A collection of creators sharing their love and memories of Steve Ditko and his works. Spider-Man. Dr. Strange. The Question. The Creeper. Shade the Changing Man. Hawk & Dove. He worked with Marvel AND DC Comics. Such an astounding imagination and the awesome ability to back it up. Thank you Steve Ditko, for sharing your genius and enriching American Pop Culture. - @ThatKevinSmith My version of Spidey drew a ton of inspiration from Mr. Ditko's original version from 1962. His "quirky" art style lead me to try different things on the page and the return of webs under his arms and lots of web lines on his costume came from Steve's original run.  Though I never met him in person, he made an artistic impact on how I would eventually draw Spidey 30 years after his. - @Todd_McFarlane Steve Ditko created some of the most fascinating characters, in their designs & visual personalities. He brought a magic and a humanity even to his most surreal ideas.  I used to draw Spider-Man as a very young child & I image his Spider-Man design started many young kids drawing  - @davidmackkabuki Sharing a beautiful Steve Ditko ink and wash page from Eerie Magazine (1960s) Ditko was a giant, and his work was a big part of my life. Steve Ditko - @JerryOrdway Steve Ditko.   Such a giant in the medium.  For years I was a little intimidated by the costume he designed for Spider-Man.  A student asked me to draw one for a friend, and it suddenly clicked. One of the best costumes in comics. - @rpace Goodbye, Steve Ditko, and thanks for everything, you weird legend. What strange and amazing things you achieved. - @warrenellis Rest In Peace, Mr Ditko, and thank you. Spider-Man helped teach me to read, and inspired me to draw. Then, for good measure, he helped pay my bills. That’s pretty Amazing.  - @Drew_E_Johnson I would've given anything to have lived inside Steve Ditko's head for a day. An...
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