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Model Portfolios for investing in Cryptocurrencies

Investors today have a binary feeling towards cryptocurriences. They feel that it’s a poor investment or they become obsessed and invest every penny they can spare.

It is my believe that everyone should hold a percentage of their wealth in Crypto but not all of it. The amount an investor puts into crypto will be heavily determined by their income, life situation and tolerance for risk. The cryptomarket is a very volatile space but it does have the potential for exponential growth. The pot-odds are very high.

When I first started in crypto I put down a conservative two percent of my net-worth. It was in 2013 and I saw immediate gains, which then turned into immediate loses as the market crashed. I didn’t get emotional and continued to hold what I had purchased and conservatively bought more throughout the years. It is now 2017 and the crypto portion of my portfolio has seen significant gains and makes up a much higher percentage of my total portfolio.

Overall portfolio

Below I have outlined what a typical portfolio may look like that includes traditional stocks and bonds and adds in cryptocurrency. This was modeled around someone age 30 who has a medium-high tolerance for risk.

Stocks (ETFs) 55% Bonds 30% Crypto 15%

so if you had $10,000 to invest your investment might look like:

Stocks (ETFs) $5,500 Bonds $3,000 Crypto $1,500

Crypto Portfolio

Within the Crypto portion of my portfolio I like to diversify into different type’s of coins, simplified into three categories.

Established coins:

These coins have been around for years and will likely be around 5+ years from now. They are your “safe” bets within the Crypto world. They will not get you rich over-night but should steadily increase in value over the years.

Medium Coins:

These coins have been around for awhile and have a medium share in the market cap. These coins bring real world value and could see an incre...

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