"Legion" (Tv Series) and a personal list of the best tv series

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Here we are again with the list of The Best TV Serie Of The Last Years In My Unilateral Opinion ;)

The new entries in TBTSOTLYIMUO (abbreviation of abbreviation: The List) are Legion and Dirk Gently, as far as I remember (the last list I did was months ago).

I have not watched Sense8 season 2 btw.

Legion is a FX tv cable series based on the Marvel comics "Legion". Season 1 premiered on february 2017 and is broadcasted worldwide on Netflix. Season 2 is scheduled for february 2018. 

Basic plot: David Heller (Dan Stevens) was diagnosed with schizophrenia at a young age and is a patient of a mental hospital where he meets the girl of his life and realizes to have strange powers. Two rival organizations  want him and the girl too ("Syd" Barrett - do note the name! - played by Rachel Keller). 

But the plot is not so important. What makes the series an amazing show is the visionary and surreal direction, scenery, design, style, irony. The trailer shows pretty well how the 60s style is quoted and rearranged in many part of the show. But there's really nothing nostalgic in it.

Some of the supporting characters are really great: they are perhaps what makes "Legion" so amazing to me (Aubrey Plaza, i.e., is a awesome, crazy friend of the lead role).

I don't remember a tv series so good for the visual design and concept in the last years ("A Series of Unfortunate Events" is perhaps at the same level as for scenery and design, but it is more traditional).

Dance scene Ep 1.