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Introducing ReggaeSteem ( Reggae Culture Rewarded ) — Steemit

What is ReggaeSteem?

ReggaeSteem is the new home for reggae music and culture on Steem. A new global hub for lovers of the culture to converge, share creations, ideas, feedback and consume quality content-- all while getting rewarded.

Our ReggaeSteem SCOT Tribe built on the steem blockchain enables us to attract this very influential global community. A community that is undervalued, full of development and known for setting trends and 'going viral'. We believe by merging the cutting edge technology of Steem and the robust global community of Reggae lovers, we can spread the wings of both the Steem blockchain and Reggae culture, globally.

Why ReggaeSteem?

ReggaeSteem is all about Reggae culture and lifestyle. We want to serve this niche in a new way by rewarding them for promoting the culture. Post about food, fashion, artiste, music, DJs, Sound Systems, the latest news, gossip, events, history, art, products, marijuana, Rastafarian, healthy vegan eating, anything having to do with the zculture and lifestyle. ReggaeSteem is our ultimate Reggae culture social network where we are the content creators, the curators and for that we are the rewarded.

Use hashtag #JAHM from any Steem interface to post to and start earning JAHM today! ReggaeSteem, a Business Legal Entity: Beachfront Cryptography Ltd DBA ReggaeSteem (dba filed at time of posting)

ReggaeSteem, the service is powered by JAHM, a SCOT (Steem-Engine) token. JAHM is used to access promotions and incentives on the ReggaeSteem network (including and other social network accounts operated by ReggaeSteem). What separates us from many Steem Tribes is that we are building a business to directly benefit our members and their home communities.

Please note, the following features will be rolled out gradually, however nothing below is a guarantee. By all means, this is not an official road-map. Traditional Advertising

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