#Introduceyourself - New steemian from Denmark

#Introduceyourself - New steemian from Denmark
steemit.com5y ago

Greetings All Steemians.

I want to introduce myself to steemit, my name is Morten and im from Denmark.

I have studied IT and have a passion for food, marketing and my proud set of 5year old twins.

For a long time I have looked at whats the new "gig" on the internet, and I have come across steemit that seams to be a good community.

I will be posting about special food recipes that is easy to make but is very good, I also have some small projects going on online that I will write about as I get them further developed that hopefully can inspire pthers.

I am not a big writer or proffesional blogger, but I will do my best to make interesting posts hereand also to check out what all of you have to say.

Also I will write some various guides on things I know of that could be interesting to learn about ;)

I hope steemit will grow large and become globally known, and i see Steemit as a new personal challenge, to become more active online, and see new ideas ans im always interested in learning.

All in all im looking to do my best for a better steemit, Im still figuring out what its all about, so if you have some "tips" on steamit please tell me so :) it will be much appreciated! (im not even sure im doing the tagging right haha)

Looking forward to meeting you all.

Wishing you all a very good day! and from what I have learned so far PLEASE UPVOTE & COMMENT & FOLLOW :) And I will ofcourse do the same for you!

Best Regards Morten

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